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The Product

The internet boom of the last fifteen years has demonstrated that there are lots of ways to provide collocated internet server access wrong. We think it is time to fix that

In a nutshell, we think there is a market niche for a 'true' CentOS (and later, related FOSS computer operating system distributions) managed collocation host, properly provisioned, well secured, and not butchered by third-party so-called 'enhancements'. One member of the PMMan team is a CentOS founder, and became tired of seeing people seeking support for poorly run, and 'knock-off' hosting offerings. He decided to address the matter, and so the product concept was born.

The Team

The staff is a band of long time survivors in the ISP and colo industry. We've used 'FOSS' ('Free and Open Source Software') to build commercial products from the start, along with building products on commercial product bases as well. As the FOSS tools have pulled away from the commercial in maturity and ease of use, we are pretty well all FOSS at this point.

Formal staff is supplemented by 'early alpha' 'guinea pig' testers, and later 'formal beta' testers, who are exposed to proposed concepts through late pre-release implementation

kitten and

For the geeks: The hardware

We know that we whetted the appetite of all you geeks out there, when we mentioned:

Located in a tier IV datacenter; multiply 'homed' network connectivity at a major data cross-roads

... and we need to get some 'cheesecake' pictures of the facility and hardware up.

Other details

Like any business, we have Contact details, an EULA of the customary form, and the usual Legal fine print. As some of our customers may put up content that another person believes is not properly licensed, we have a DMCA process link.

More interestingly, we decided to provide a window into the build out process, after the beta leak, at the News page, for our friends, both customers, and in the Media. There are get acquainted Tours which help Support current customers, and permit new folks considering using our services to see how it works.

Don't forget to write

Please Contact us if you have other questions.
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