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Terms of Sale / No Refund Policy

As a general matter, you alone make the decision of when to fund your account, and the manner and amount of payment, to be transmitted to us. We use formal third-party payment processors, and never receive financially sensitive Credit card numbers, security codes, PINs, or like in receiving such payments.

We do not sell physical goods, but rather deliver our services electronically. Our 'uptime', net of well announced scheduled interruptions for system maintenance, has been continuous the last several years.

We do not seek, nor will we we ever ask for personally identifiable Credit or Debit card information. We do not ask for passwords, ever; if a password reset is needed, we use verification methods to confirm the authority and identity of the person requesting such. We also provide for self-serve, and third-party authentication mechanisms. <.p>

As such, all purchases of services from us are final, and are without any formal refund.

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