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PMMan Media Support

We welcome press inquiry, and will strive to provide an informative response. That said, please don't call us at deadline needing a major quote without a prior 'heads-up'. Also, if an email has not received an acknowledgment without 16 business hours, it may have been mis-triaged by us. Please call and follow up

Email may be directed to: support at 781resolution dot com

Please direct correspondence or calls to us at:

781 Resolution, LLC
Post Office Box 12773
Columbus OH 43212
tel 614 488 6954


The PMMan 'leased server' product is designed for ready and affordable access to virtual and colocated managed servers, 'done right'. The team behind it has subatantial material experience, and has been assisted by respected members of the FOSS community in both the design, and the 'shake down' cruises as implementation has proceeded.

One early release tester, Paul Aviles, who is a member of the ADempiere project, inadvertently 'let the cat out of the bag' by publicizing a demo box he set up. Rather than continue development in 'stealth' mode, we decided to publish a sign-up link to the 'work in process' interface to purchase, fund, and manage a sample blank box

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