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Latest PMMan news

This news page is updated from time to time as system features are rolled in, as scheduled downtime is announced, or in the case of an unplanned service outage, with a status update.

091229 added a 'hardening' usage notes page to the general documentation
091229 added a 'yum' setting private maintenance note for users of early testing instances
091119 cracker scanners are walking the sites, testing our security; is your instance properly hardened? your log files should tell you where they are looking
091102 first cracked box -- looks like a customer added an unsecured PHP script; shut down and imaged for later forensics
091028 tour buildout -- logging in documentation tour
091028 tour buildout -- complete putty options documentation tour
091027 tour buildout -- work on Windows putty installation, and putty configuration documentation tour pages
091026 tour buildout -- OS/X keys documentation tour
091023 tour buildout -- signup page documentation tour, and a use case benefits summary
091021 add tier IV datacenter anniversary lead
091021 add [ Top | About | Sign In | Tour | News | Support | Media | Site Map | EULA | Legal | DCMA | Contact ] links at the footer, and populate those needing content; addition of sitemap for Google and such
091020 add news page, for feature and status updates
091019 add password setting tour
091017 add signup tour starting the tour buildout
091016 add ADempiere instance availability notice
091014 add CentOS 5 instance availability notice
091014 add Initial website open signup availability notice

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