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Signup gateway

Getting started is easy:

  1. Establish an account using a good email address, and some funds
  2. Request a password setting link hash through web password reset form, to gain secure access to manage your account through the web control interface
  3. Log in to the web control interface, and provision a virtual machine ("VM") instance
  4. Under the 'More ...' Available Actions for that provisioned VM, add a SSH2 key to that instance for secure and encrypted root level shell access, and authentication through keyed SSH access [It is a better practice to generate a new keypair for this instance, and to use a ~/.ssh/config file to keep track of which keypair relates to which hosts]
  5. Log in as root, using a ssh terminal client

With five minutes and twenty bucks, you can be up and running via our self-serve website.

Start herePlease use this link to start the process of setting up that account. Click the button labeled: 'Enter PMMAN', and then at the bottom, the link: 'Create new account' from the next screen.

After a minimal registration, you will get an email with further instructions to complete the sign up and funding process, to set up a password. Obviously, there are other functions such as provisioning a new virtual machine instance, adding access keying, taking backups, and so forth. See the tour page for details.

I wanna hold your hand ...

To reach our desire for an affordable system, our support model assumes that a user is reasonably self-reliant and can use the web interface to perform almost all needed functions. We add new web controls as we see new questions to help a user answer on a self-serve basis. Sometimes, things go wrong, though, and we may be found US Eastern time (usually GMT-5) weekdays in the freenode IRC channel: #pmman to talk through an issue, or look into a possible bug report.

Certainly, if SLA grade or confidential commercial support are needed, formal support may be purchased on request. Please send a email to: support at 781resolution dot com for a quote. With your Skype account, we are as close as your telephone. We also run a SIP private PBX, and commercial support customers can be provided credentials to use that as well

Is there more?

Of course there is.

By setting up a 'Group', one can then also build a private group 'Image Code' for a 'ready to run' environment. A business using a contract programming service might spend its points this way:

  1. Set up the 'gold image' for developers to use to develop forward from
  2. Redeem some points into 'hashes' -- a string of numbers and letters that may be used to transfer points securely into a different account -- and send that 'hash' to a remote developer so they can set up their own development instance from that master, night or day -- no more waiting for IT to get to it
  3. Set up a temporary version control system in another instance, for the remote developer to check their work in and out of; that instance can also be configured to do a 'nightly' or 'on demand' check-out, of the new application's current state
  4. As time passes, and the project is far enough along, end users can be given accounts, to do UAT -- User Acceptance Testing -- or to offer feedback on a design. Businesses using 'Agile' or 'Extreme Programming' love it
  5. If UAT is on a proposed deliverable final product, alternatively a static instance may be offered to the end user
  6. Backups, and fresh reinstalls are easy and immediately supported. If you need backup images on media, we can accomodate to your schedule. If you need an international voice conference bridge and PBX, we have you covered there as well

Suddenly -- development just got easy and predictable !

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