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PMMan Support

Initially, support and usage tips may be found on an 'as present' basis in the freenode IRC channel: #pmman during US Eastern (GMT - 5) weekday business hours. We have started to add 'usage' notes, starting with 'hardening'

Certainly, if SLA grade, confidential, or commercial support is needed, we offer it. Formal support may be purchased on request. Please send a email to: support at 781resolution dot com for a quote.

With your Skype account, we are as close as your telephone. We also run a SIP private PBX, and commercial support customers can be provided credentials to use that tool. If you need access to our SIP international voice conference bridge and PBX, we have you covered there as well

Backups, and fresh reinstalls are easy and immediately supported. Custom master images, too. If you need backup images on media, we can accomodate to your schedule.

Bottom line: Please ask if you don't see it. If we are doing it anyway, we might as well either add it to the 'wishlist' schedule to make it self serve, or sell it if it is not well suited to a web delivery

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