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PMMan New account sign-up

The following is a screen by screen walkthrough of the new account sign-up process. Click any left side image for a larger screenshot in a new panel.


PMMan New account signup page

The signup is of a conventional form. It walks through just enough questions to get the account set up and funded. The first slide is designed to serve as a screening device with the 'Captcha' to prevent abuse through automated signups.


PMMan New account information

Next, on the second slide we get your name and contact information, along with assent to the terms and conditions of service.


PMMan Information verification

Next, on the third slide we permit verification that you entered the email, name and contact information accurately.


PMman Initial funding

Next, on the fourth slide we set up an outlink to the funding gateway for your account. Optionally, you may have an Offer Code for some promotion, such as an affinity group discount.


PMman Initial funding verification

Next, on the fifth slide we permit verification of the funding amount, and hand off to the out link at the funding gateway.


PayPal Log-in screen

Next, on the sixth slide the payment gateway website is handling the confidential funds transfer details. We have designed the system so that your payment details are known only to the payment gateway, and not maintained at PMMan servers.


PayPal progress screen - Payemnt verification to 781 Resolution, LLC

Next, on the seventh slide the payment gateway also verifies the payment amount before charging your funding source. 781 Resolution, LLC is the name of our parent company, and it will appear on a credit card statement, as the payee for the transaction.

Please click the checkbox to instruct the payment gateway to provide us with your phone number, as we sometimes need that information to look up an account, when there is a problem.


PayPal payment details confirmation to 781 Resolution, LLC

Next, on the eighth slide the payment gateway confirms that the payment was funded, and offers the yellow return button, back to the PMMan site.

We receive notice from them of the email account your funding account is in, optionally the telephone number, if you clicked the checkbox to let us receive that detail, the Transaction ID number, and the amount of the funding payment.

Please print the receipt, or save the confirming email that the payment gateway sends you, because in the case of a missing or lost payment, we need that information to track down the details. We require a person seeking support to provide this detail, as a cross-check that there is not an impersonation occurring.


PMMan return from Paypal screen

Finally, on the ninth slide you are referred back to the PMMan site, with the confirmation as to the amount of payment. Clicking the Finish button will take you to the login screen, which includes an option for setting an initial password on this 'funded' account. As noted, we also send out a password reset link and additioanl instruction.

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